Thursday, October 27, 2011

$10 Fridays - Fun Drinks

I love my tea, hot apple cider and a good Blue Moon.  Keeping your mugs and glasses fun and different is another way to style your life.  I'm loving these cheap finds from Urban Outfitters and of course, all under $10.  What does your morning coffee mug look like?

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Win This Dress From Shabby Apple!  

This week you have a chance to win the Lighthouse dress from my new favorite online shop Shabby Apple!  They have a great selection of women and children dresses, accessories and everything is vintage inspired.  Also, if you want to start shopping right away, Shabby Apple is offering 10% off to my readers.  All you have to do is use promo code MYSTYLEVITA10OFF during checkout.  

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Giveaway ends Wednesday November 2nd.  GOOD LUCK!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm Sorry Target... You Know I Still Love You

Thanks to my new blogging obsession, I'm stumbling upon many new online boutiques that have the cutest most unique items that just can't be found at Macy's or Target.  I've been admiring Ruche for a while now because of their unique clothing items and super fun home and office accessories.  Now that I actually use my desk at my house, I'm all for fun office finds.  These items I recently found will make your house feel super special from a fun pillow to that super cute business card holder.  And something tells me you won't find any of these at your local department store.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Local Scoop - Les Nouvelles

Time for another local scoop for my fellow Atlanta shoppers.  I recently stumbled across a great online boutique that just so happens to be located right here in Atlanta.  I attended their showroom party a few weeks ago and got to see their clothes up close and personal.  I do have to say, I need a bigger pay raise, and once I get one, I'm buying EVERYTHING on this site.

The idea behind the site is everything new, hence the name Les Nouvelles, french for new.  Their designers are young and fresh to the scene.  With some major names that we've all heard of like Rag and Bone, Elizabeth and James and Issa, they also have some of my new favorite designers that I'm admiring thanks to this site. Designers like Cacharel, Bensoni, Equipment and Rachel Comey just to name a few, are some of my new favorite designers that I'm obsessed with and wish I could afford.  I really could only afford the sale rack but to be honest, that rack had some good stuff on it.  My jacket from outfit du jour earlier this week was a steal and I'm so glad I found it.

Check out this site and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest in the newest designers in fashion.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Shabby Apple Ain't So Shabby!

I love finding new online stores, and this one is my new favorite.  Their accessories are so incredibly cute, I want them all!  Check out some of my favorites below.  Their clothing is vintage inspired and super unique.  I personally love the bow skirts.  Check out their site HERE.

Don't Ditch Your Whites

Depending on where you live, I may exclude you from this rule.  If it's currently snowing or feels like you're going to freeze your face off, please don't wear a little white dress unless it's wool.  For those of you who may be in the warmer temperatures like LA, Texas, or the South, you can get away with this rule for a few more weeks as long as you follow my change of season rules from my post on white denim.   It's going to be mid 70's here in Atlanta and I don't see a problem with breaking out a fun white dress and adding a new twist on it like a blouse tied up, a green anorak or any other fall accessory.

I have an amazing white dress that reminds me of Kim Kardashian and I used to think I could only wear it by itself with nude shoes and that's it.  Wrong.  I decided to play dress up with it, and here are some of my new looks that turn this Kim K white dress into so many outfits for any season.  Change up each look with a boot, or some tights and you'll extend the life of that white dress even more.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Outfit Du Jour - Leopard Fever

This is the infamous outfit that started this whole outfit du jour thing.  Yes I'm admitting to rewearing the exact same outfit.  This was almost a year ago though, so don't freak out.  I got in MAJOR trouble for this outfit at my old corporate job that didn't believe in well whatever it is I'm still not sure.  As you can see, I'm covered from head to toe, literally.  But this was still not ok.  So to prove to my friends I wasn't kidding that I was completely covered, I went into the bathroom and took a shot of this outfit in the mirror, and posted it to facebook.  This was the start of my blog and my outfit du jours.

Thanks to you old corporate job for telling me this outfit was offensive, because I probably never would've started this blog because of it.  All things happen for a reason, good or bad.  I'm glad I got in trouble that day, because it started the rest of my life.  Put a fire under my ass to get a different job that more suited my personality.  And I wore this outfit to my new job today, and got complimented on it.

I guess my words of wisdom for the day are to grab life by the balls and run with it.... wait maybe not.  How about, no matter what happens, good or bad, look at it as something that's going to benefit you in some shape or form.  Use it to your advantage and make everything work in your favor.  Thank you old job for yelling at me, you made me realize what life is really about.

I Miss You Summer

Besides getting a tan, backyard BBQ's, beach trips and so many other great summer events, I do have to say there are some summer clothing pieces that I just really miss.  Sometimes I miss them more than the season themselves.  I miss my shorts because it's a clear reminder it's warm out, but for fashion purposes, I miss my favorite maxi dress.  I bought it at Macy's and it was on major clearance and it became my favorite item for summer.  It was easy breezey and really pretty.  I miss you old friend.  You were super versatile by adding a simple tee over it and a fun belt.  XOXO see you next Summer.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dear Santa

I'm still trying to figure out this self portrait thing.  All my favorite blogs like Kendi Everyday, This Time Tomorrow and so many others seem to have a professional photographer as their roommate.  Me on the other hand is stuck all on my lonesome with a ghetto camera and a shitty tripod.  It appears my camera no longer understands how to focus.

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a camera so I can take many pictures of my outfits

Love Jessica.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pinterest Whore

I found myself once again sitting on my couch sock bun in my hair, painting my nails with two different colors and trying to figure out what I can use to make a cake stand from items in my kitchen.  You know this scenario, it's the pinterest problem many of us are having. And I know I have a problem since I sent a photo of my two toned nails to a friend and she simply responded "pinterest whore". I don't blame her she was in deed spot on.  It makes you think you're a DIY queen and that you can transform your home into something so spectacular out of elmer's glue, shoe boxes and paper plates. Aside from the DIY problem I'm currently having, I'm getting tons of great style inspiration from pinterest and it's really starting to get me excited even more about clothes.  Below are some of my favorite looks I've found on my new best friend, Pinterest.Ok so one of those pics are of me, a little narcissism never hurt anyone...

Holiday Party Accessories - Not Your Typical Tacky Sweater

I'm shocked when I saw holiday accessories already being highlighted at some of my favorite online shops.  Then I realized, of course they're 3 months early, Target already has their Christmas trees up!  I'm thinking about getting in this ever so early season spirit and putting up my faux Christmas tree this weekend even though it's 80 degrees and Halloween hasn't happened yet.  I might as well get in the spirit!

Holiday parties will soon be popping up too which means you better look great and you better not buy another damn dress.  It's just not worth it. Grab some fun accessories, belt, jewelry, bag and use those items interchangeably with the rest of your wardrobe.  

Below are some of my favorites to spruce up your favorite party dress for your first of many holiday parties this upcoming season.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Feeling Fringey

Fringe has been a popular trend for a while now and it's a great way to add some interest to your outfit.  Take a simple outfit and add a fun fringe bag and you've created a trend worthy look.  It doesn't have to be expensive either.  Sure the See By Chloe bag is great, but if it's not in your budget, opt for the $38 Nordstrom one that won't break the bank.  It's a great change of pace from your boring black bag.  I'm guilty of the boring black bag and may just be running to my favorite sales associate at Nordstrom to help me track down this inexpensive fringe carry all. 

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