Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Proud Moment

I don't really share a lot of my personal or work life on my blog.  Partially I do this to prevent the crazy stalkers... You aren't one are you?  Ok good.

But, recently I had an opportunity to write my first blog post for my company.  With a dream to one day work in PR, this was a small but important step in my career.  I thought I'd share the quick post with you all.  Head over to the Alternative Apparel blog for all the Summer Must-Haves.


  1. Congrats and thanks for sharing! Love the Bodega handbag!


  2. Congratulations, Jessica!
    xxo, Allison

  3. How exciting for you! It's my dream to have a job where I actually get to do things I like. I work in retail and almost everything we do is decided at the corporate level, so not a lot of opportunity for creative projects :(

    Hope to see more like this from you!



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