Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just A Little Puppy Love

Today's one of those days that I was just a little on the feisty side. Not sure if it was the awesome cappuccino from this adorable coffee shop I discovered, or the fact that Pork got to be in today's outfit du jour photos.  These are no professional photos, but stay tuned, we've got a fun photo shoot in the works with Sarah Osbourne Photography and Pork-a-lily (her full legal name of course).

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  1. You are stunning! Love your bag and the whole look. I also just had a little caffeine...and I am feeling pretty feisty too! :) I don't think I could start my day any other way.

  2. Okay weird...that picture is NOT me lol! Thats too funny

  3. This look is so cute and comfortable.


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