Monday, December 10, 2012

Reader Q&A Vol. 2

I recently started a Q&A reader edition and got a slew of great questions from my Twitter followers.  One question was how to wear a maxi in the winter.  I think this look is easily achievable if you stick to a few of my rules below like layering on the winter accessories and sticking to proper fabrics and shapes.

Did you miss volume 1 of the reader Q&A? Check out how to wear a denim shirt dress three ways right here. If you have any style questions for me, tweet, email or leave a comment below!

Step 1. Stick to winter colors and fabrics for EVERYTHING. No eyelet gauze, no open toes, no jute anything.  Opt for leather booties, blacks/grey/earth tones and stick to cotton blends. So yes that basic black maxi you wore all summer, will work perfectly here.  Throw that on and proceed to step number two.

Step 2. Add layers. Start with adding an oversized sweater (belt it to create a waist) or a fitted long sleeve top if the dress allows it.  Add a blazer as well if you want to create a waist as well.

Step 3. Proper accessories are a must. Adding a fall hat, a fur snood or a scarf is great to turn any outfit into an instant cozy fall look.

Shop some of these pieces to create your perfect winter maxi look.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I agree its all about the fabric, color and the right accessories.



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