Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Outfit Du Jour - Chambray, eh?

Some of the hottest trends I'm seeing lately are lace and chambray shirts.  I think Pinterest is to blame for all of this, but either way I'm quite happy with this little Forever 21 skirt and I've already gotten quite a bit of use out of my chambray shirt.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Man-ic Mondays

I've received several requests from my male audience (ok my guy friends whatever) to start doing a men's fashion post.  I suppose they are sick and tired of seeing photos of me and pictures of hair, nails and shoes on their news feed every morning.  So I figured they had a good point, I should appeal to my large male audience and maybe generate some new readers and friends alike.

To be 100% honest, I know nothing about men's fashion.  It's sort of sad, so I'm making this my mission as well to teach myself a few things.  I've requested the help of a good male fashionable friend of mine who is currently gathering the perfect items to create the perfect men's wardrobe, so stay tuned for that post.  In the meantime, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite men's looks of the moment. 

Images courtesy of J Crew and You Have Broken The Internet

Jason Wu For Target Update!

The lookbook is officially out and I couldn't be more thrilled about Jason Wu's designs for Target.  Everything is under $60 and surprisingly most is around the mid $30 range.  I mentioned this release a few weeks ago here, but couldn't resist sharing these adorable feminine looks with you.  I'm about to set up camp at Target this weekend, watch out fellow shoppers, I'm coming prepared this time.

Images courtesy of Teen Vogue.  See the full look book here.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Outfit Du Jour - Rock N Roll

I didn't think this outfit looked so dark and rock 'n roll until I took a photo of it and thought "damn I look pretty hardcore today, no one better mess with me".  And then I realized I was wearing textured tights and mary-janes....I should be ok don't you think?  Faux leather always makes me feel a little kick ass.  Nothing wrong with that ladies, nothing wrong with that.

$10 Fridays - Stitched And Adorned

I recently discovered this little site, Stitched & Adorned, thanks to a new blogger friend over at Pink Peonies.  I fell in love with not only this adorable affordable jewelry, but their bags, scarves and clothing.  Everything is under $50, seriously, everything.  Below are some of my favorite picks that are under $10.  Make sure to check out their other stuff here.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Outfit du Jour - The Pink Pant

If this isn't a risk, I don't know what is.  Someone asked me the other day what sort of fashion risks I've taken, and I really don't think I've done anything seriously ridiculous (maybe the backwards cardigan but that's about it).  So I figured I needed to step outside my comfort zone a little bit more and invested in these incredible pink pants from J Crew.  Loving every bit of this outfit today.  Risk success.  

What fashion risks have you taken?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fashion Obsession - Sabo Skirt

This image has been all over Pinterest and it's lead me to fall in love with this little shop and blog.  Sabo Skirt has some of the most unique pieces I've seen in a long time.  It's unfortunate though that their shop is in Australia and International shipping is over $20.  I'll just have to dream on I guess.... Or just take a trip out to Australia to check it out myself.  Below are some of my favorite picks from their shop.  Don't forget to check out their blog, it's pretty fantastic.


{Images courtesy of SaboSkirt}

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Office Survival Tips 101

I've been working inside this box cubicle for over a year or so now and there's some things I quickly learned and some things I just discovered that thought I'd share.  The list I've come up with are my cubicle staples to staying chic and classic.  Keep these stored at your desk for emergencies (fashion ones included) and some things may already be in your supply closet ready to use. Do you have any great tips that are a must at your desk? Fill us in on them!

Emergency - meet your match.

1.  Dropped Hem - Nothing a stapler can't fix for the day.  If it's a black dress pant and you can see the silver staple, use your sharpie to make it less noticeable.

2.  Too much cleavage or bra strap? - Double stick tape.  I used this trick on this outfit the other day when I noticed the girls were having too much fun that day.  Keeps you looking professional.  Remove the tape for happy hour fun!

3. Thank You Notes - Pick some up in the dollar store and keep at your desk.  It's more personal than an email and is always appreciated.  Something hand written will always be remembered.  I have a slew of these pinned at my cubicle that I have received from my superiors.  It's a nice reminder of the time they took to write one.

4.  Sneakers - If you don't live in NYC you're probably wondering, what the hell do I need sneakers for.  Well it's simple, get your ass off your chair and take a hike walk.  Set a reminder in your calendar for a daily 10 minute walk.  You'll feel refreshed and focused.  It's like drinking a shot of espresso but it's free and you get fresh air. 

5. Shiny Face?! - Toilet seat covers.  I saw this tip here and thought, GENIUS!  Removes excess oil in a snap.

6.  Earring 911 - Ever have the back of an earring disappear and you're afraid you're going to lose the earring?  Use the eraser of a pencil as the back to make sure it stays on.

7.  Hunger Pains - I'm a big fan of bringing my own lunch and snacks for the day.  It's actually a bit embarrassing lugging my huge lunchbox but it keeps me on track with eating right and I save a ton of money.  Sometimes though I underestimate how hungry I may be or forget to pack a lunch all together.  Having Larabars at my desk is a filling treat that I don't have to feel guilty about.  My personal favorite flavor is Ginger Snap and Key Lime Pie.  Buy them in bulk when they go on sale, it's worth it.

8. Smelling Fresh - Whether you forgot to put some on or are realizing it's wearing off after your short stroll around the building, having a small stick of deodorant at your desk can be a life saver not only for you but your cube mates.  Go the extra mile and keep a travel size bottle of perfume at your desk.  But my tip is to stay under the radar with scents at work.  No one likes to smell you from across the room, no matter how much you think they'll love your new Kim Kardashian perfume.

9. Double Duty Paper Clips - Fix a hem, broken necklace clasp or even de-clump your mascara with a paper clip. 

10. Shit In Your Teeth - Not sure how else to put that one, but we all have found ourselves with something in our teeth at one point or another and I have several tips on how to fix it.  If you don't keep floss-picks at your desk you should.  But if you don't, no worries.  We can get those poppy seeds out of your teeth no problem.  Use your business card to assist or even a post it can do the trick.

Image 1 courtesy of LaurenConrad.com  -  Along with a survival tip or two.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Giveaway Happening!

Check out the giveaway happening on my Facebook page HERE.  Win a $5 gift card to Starbucks if you share the link on my  Facebook page!  Giveaway ends Friday January 27th.  Good Luck!

Outfit Du Jour - Very Limited

With my closet quickly shrinking from the Closet Challenge, I'm left with pieces I'm forcing myself to wear.  This top was purchased in my big buy right before I started my corporate job.  I had to beef up my closet with work appropriate clothes.  Cajjing it down (that's Style Vita lingo for making it casual duh) with jeans and a relaxed blazer makes it fun and easy.  

Today is also my birthday (well it was on Friday but this outfit was from Friday) and I was going to wear pink pants because I can, but had a closet crisis and ended up with this.  The pink pants will have their moment soon, I promise.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Outfit Du Jour - Backwards

This cardigan looks like pure crap if worn the proper way.  But thanks to a favorite blogger of mine who gave me the most amazing inspiration, I learned that it looks 100% better backwards.  Surprised?  Me too.  But it works, and now one shirt can be worn two ways.  Closet just got that much bigger without using up any more hangers.  It's like magic!

Shop This Look {Jeans, Shoes, Similar Cardigan}

Happy Quarter Century To Me

(Nothing has changed.... Glazed chocolate donuts are the BEST)

Happy Birthday To Me!  Looking forward to this being a fantastic year.  And can't wait to have lunch with my friends this weekend....Oh and Giant's winning the NFC championship game.  25 years ago my Father told my Mother, "If you go into labor during the Superbowl, I am not going to the hospital with you".  Luckily I came a week early and Dad watched the Giants win in peace.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My New Friend - Pop Of Chic

I think it's nice to step outside of the department store and find that old gem of a store that offers great items that no one else seems to have.  I'm always looking for something different, something from a great small company.  The story you tell when someone compliments you is always more interesting than saying, "oh I got it at Macy's". With this phase people call the internet, there's so many great little online shops that offer amazing items and at great prices too.  I've been following this Facebook page called "Pop Of Chic" for some time now simply because; their jewelry is beautiful and it's almost always under $20.  Pop of Chic and My Style Vita recently crossed internet paths, and I'm so happy we did.  Check out some of their amazing fun pieces that go with everything from jeans with a tee to a beautiful night out with fancy schmancy jewelry. 

Which item do you love?  I really am wanting the leaf bangle because I am obsessed with gold jewelry.  Pop Of Chic's most popular item is the Marissa earring.  It's classic and sparkles so nicely.  And it's only $16!  See why I love this place?  Check out their facebook page HERE, Twitter THERE.  Their new website should be up and running shortly HERE. They're just everywhere and I don't blame them, it's a pretty awesome little shop.

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