Well hello there,

Thanks for hanging out with me at My Style Vita (vita is Italian for life!).  My little space in the world wide web where I share my Outfit du Jours and random stories with the world.  And yes, that's Pork my Boston Terrier, she says hi too!

MSV got started when I wanted to pursue a new career in writing and fashion.  My previous job in a very conservative corporate America atmosphere had me itching for something that I was passionate about.  What really got the fire under my butt was getting reprimanded several times for "offensive" outfits at the old 9-5.  A little nudge and push from friends and family and My Style Vita was born.

MSV is to be quite literal, My Style "life", which is everything from fashion, food to decor.  I'm really just a girl, trying to figure out what the hell I'm going to wear today. You'll find lots of fashion and wardrobe tips on how to make the best use out of your closet as well as easy recipes and home decor inspiration.

In addition to MSV, I am also the co-founder of Southern Blog Society, a community of Southern lifestyle bloggers.  This is a great place for bloggers and the resources that help make blogs successful to network and build as a community. Apply to be a member of this community here.

I hope you stay a while and check out my Outfit du Jours!

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